Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need An Extended Warranty?

The Truth Is, No Matter How Reliable Your Vehicle Is Or From Which Manufacture Produced Your Car, There Will Come A Day When It Breaks Down. As We All Know, All Modern And Exclusive Cars Are Way Too Complicated To Repair And The Cost Of Repairs May Cause A Hole In Your Pocket. So, By Buying An Extended Warranty Plan, You Protect The Investment That You Made On Your Car. It Basically Is A Vehicle Service Contract Wherein We Cover The Cost Of Specified Repairs After The Car’s Manufacturer Warranty Expires.

How Do I Buy An Extended Warranty?

At Edel Assurance, we’ve simplified the entire buying process. This allows you to possess your coverage for your vehicle in a matter of minutes. To get started, simply request a quote here. After that, we can get your car evaluated and choose the correct package for your vehicle. We can have your car protected in minutes and you have complete peace of mind behind the controls of the car.

How Does Edel Pay For Claims?

At Edel Assurance, the claim is paid upfront for ALL covered repairs. So, this means that you need not wait around for reimbursement and you get a ZERO out-of-pocket expense pleasure.

Where Do I Go For My Repairs?

Edel Assurance gives you an opportunity to get your repairs done within manufacturer’s authorised networks. So, whether you are traveling from Mumbai to Pune or even longer, you can get your repairs done from these authorised networks anywhere in the nation. With each mile you cover, we’ve got you covered. With Edel, the fact that your plan will be honoured nationwide will give you proper peace of mind.

Will All Authorised Repair Workshops Honour Edel Extended Warranty?

Definitely YES! We’ll tell you why – it is standard protocol for dealerships and repair facilities to accept consumer-direct plans, especially from car warranty companies like Edel Assurance, which pays repair shops directly. These dealerships and repair shops earn a percentage of revenue through repairs itself, hence, it would be beneficial for them as well. If, in case, they make a rare decision of not accepting Edel coverage, you may seek our assistance any time of the day.

Why Does Edel Require My Vehicle’s VIN?

The VIN is specially designed for the individual recognition of each vehicle. Hence, Edel requires your VIN to verify that you are indeed the owner of the vehicle and we are placing coverage on the correct car. Don’t worry, your VIN is in safe hands.

Why Doesn’t Edel Extended Warranty Consist Of Maintenance Costs?

Maintenance costs of the vehicle are to be borne by the owner itself. These costs are inexpensive in nature and are mandatorily made accommodation for. Maintenance items can include windshield wipers and oil changes, basic car maintenance that you already take care by yourself!

What Does It Mean An Automobile Has A Pre-Existing Condition?

As per the law, the pre-existing condition refers to a condition that within all reasonable mechanical probability relates to the mechanical condition of your vehicle prior to contract purchase. In simple words, any defects or faults in your vehicle which are existing before you buy an extended warranty is termed as pre-existing condition. Hence, such faults will not be covered under Edel Extended Warranty Program. This will safeguard you from any future costly repairs that can and most likely will occur.

Can I Reach Edel Assurance Any Time Of The Day?

Yes definitely! Whether you are stuck in a city with vehicle breakdown or simply locked your keys in car, you can reach us on our Roadside Assistance Number. Be it 24 hours a day and any time of the year, Edel Assurance team will be there to assist you for your concerns. For any repair related queries you may connect with us at our Roadside Assistance Number.

Can I Only Buy Warranty From An Auto Dealer?

Yes, you can. But, how about saving a good sum of money by cutting down the cost of involvement.

If My Car Manufacture Warranty Expired A Year Ago, Am I Still Eligible For Warranty?

Of course, you are! You can take out cover with Edel at any time – as long as your vehicle is under 7 years old and has travelled less than 1 lakh kms.

If My Car Has Some Faults Can I Still Take Warranty And Get It Repaired Under Warranty Cover?

No, no matter which warranty you decide to take out, you cannot get compensated for the pre-existing defects on your vehicle. In case your car already has some defects, you need to first get them fixed before applying for our car warranty cover in order for your cover to be absolutely valid.

If I Have Edel Assurance Extended Warranty Do I Need To Worry About My Car?

The Edel Assurance extended car warranty will give you complete peace of mind against unforeseen repair bills but, you need to keep your vehicle serviced as per the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep the warranty valid. If, you do not maintain any records or vehicle has not been maintained, your cover for extended warranty may be denied. All you need to worry about is maintenance of records of service schedule and timely servicing of your car.