Extended Car Warranty Plans

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As your extended warranty partner, we will provide comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, enabling it to perform phenomenally in the long run. We will not only examine your vehicle for safety and reliability but also ensure quality services from authorized dealers.

When you choose our extended car warranty plan, your vehicle will get protection against the cost of repairs/replacements.

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Car Warranty Components Covered

Engine coverage - Edel Assurance
All internal components, including:Oil pump, crankshaft and pulley, big end and main bearings, connecting rods, piston and rings, inlet and exhaust valves, springs and guides, cylinder block and cylinder head, camshaft, rocker arms and shaft, timing gears tensioner bearing, water pump, inlet and exhaust manifold etc
Automatic Gearbox
Automatic Gearbox
Automatic Gearbox coverage - Edel Assurance
All internal components, including: Shafts, gears, brake/clutch bands, oil pump, bearings, bushes, valve, drive plate, transfer gears and transmission gears etc
Steering coverage - Edel Assurance
All internal components, including: Rack and pinion, steering column, steering box and power steering pump
Braking System
Braking System
Braking System coverage - Edel Assurance
All internal components, including: Master cylinder, brake booster and vacuum pump
Fuel System
Fuel System
Fuel System coverage - Edel Assurance
All internal components, including: Mechanical and electrical fuel pumps, injectors, fuel accumulator, fuel distributor, warm up regulator, cold start valve, pressure damper and fuel injection pump
Diesel Injection System
Diesel Injection System
Diesel Injection System coverage - Edel Assurance
Injection pump, injectors, glow plugs and electromagnetic cut off.
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning coverage - Edel Assurance
Compressor, condenser, evaporator, reservoir, thermostat switch, fan motor, heater core and AC switch.
Electrical System
Electrical System
Electrical System coverage - Edel Assurance
All control units, sensors and actuators, starter motor, solenoid switch, alternator, rectifier, regulator, ignition coil, cooling fan motor, power window, motors, combination switch, ignition switch, relay, thermostat, switch, speedometer & oil pressure switch.
Oil Seals
Oil Seals
Oil Seals coverage - Edel Assurance
Crankshaft oil seal, camshaft oil seal, auxiliary shaft oil seal, gear box oil seal, and drive shaft oil Seal.
Road Side Assistance
Road Side Assistance
Road Side Assistance - Edel Assurance
Under its signature coverage, your vehicle also benefits from 24/7 roadside assistance at the hands of experienced repair and maintenance professionals

The process how Edel Assurance Extended
Auto Warranty Company works

As part of our Extended Warranty Program, the authorized dealers from Edel Assurance will be replacing or repairing the parts found defective under the normal usage of the vehicle and its maintenance. This service will be subject to terms and conditions listed in the booklet.

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