Why Edel Assurance?

As one of the leading car assurance entities in Mumbai, Edel Assurance offers a wide range of vehicle service contract options . . .

Extended Vehicle Service Contract & Protection Plans

If you are worried about costly mechanical breakdowns once your auto warranty expires, we are here to help you with a comprehensive extended vehicle protection plan.
We understand the importance of ‘extra care’ that your car needs. By choosing our extended vehicle protection plan & warranty assurance services, you can save thousands of rupees incurred in auto repairs. Whether your vehicle’s warranty is about to run out or has run out, we will provide you a shield from these high costs and help you save money.
Vehicle Protection Plan - Edel Assurance
As part of our vehicle protection plan, we help you manage and minimize risks associated with the mechanical and electrical repair of your vehicle.
From quote to claim, our experts will be assisting you every step of the way.
Premium car buyers believe that the factory warranty is enough to cover their car’s accidental costs. However, most luxury car brand’s factory warranties are limited in nature and also come with an expiry period. In such a scenario, a comprehensive vehicle protection plan is always advisable if you want to protect your car from all kinds of contingencies that the standard warranty does not cover. With such an all-inclusive vehicle service contract, you can be assured that your premium drive is well-protected and for a longer duration. An extended vehicle protection also comes with add-on advantages including roadside assistance and many more.
What to expect from Edel Assurance . . .
Quality Repairs.
With Edel Assurance extended vehicle service contract you need not worry about the inevitable repairs that your auto needs. With strict approach to quality, we are committed to providing you superior service from the Manufacturer’s Authorised Workshop.
We at Edel, are the Manufacturer’s
Authorised Service Dealers.
Quality Response.
Be it assisting you with registration process or ensuring timely claim settlements, our team is here to help you at every ride you take.
Your car, your time - it’s all our priority.
Roadside Assistance.
In our quest to solve your problems, we ensure to never leave your side. We’re always there - on every road. So, whether you are stuck in a city with a flat tire or your car breaks down, just give us a shout out and our Roadside Assistance Service will respond in a jiffy.
Easy Claim Registration and
Hassle-free Settlements.
At Edel, the claim registration process is precisely curated according to the cozy and comfy environment. Also, we do not let you any hassles in the claim settlement.
So, don’t worry about the breakdown
of your vehicle.
Say No to Six Digit Repair Bills.
Once your manufacturer’s warranty expires, you are liable to pay for any breakdown the vehicle incurs. But, when you are insured with Edel Assurance, you need not worry about burning hole in your pocket. No matter how big your repair bills are, Edel ensures to cover them all.
At Edel Assurance, we are please to serve you the pleasurable ride with our extended vehicle protection plan and warranty assurance service
End-to-end Assistance.
Every angle of Edel – be it employees or clients, are respected for the needs and passion for cars. We foster growth and learning for our employees and, our clients are of utmost priority.
Edel Assurance enhances the hospitality
experience for the communities.