Extended Car Warranty for Land Rover

Providing your Land Rover Some Extra Protection

Want to add more value to your vehicle. Choose from our extended warranty plans for new and used Land Rovers and enjoy the convenience and affordability we have on offer.

Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you will be responsible for any mechanical breakdowns that your Land Rover incurs. If the vehicle isn’t covered with an extended warranty, you may have to spend a huge amount in auto repairs. So, why not shield your Land Rover with our extended vehicle protection plan?

Extended Car Warranty for Land Rover - Edel Assurance
How it works?

Our extended car warranty for Land Rover provides you extra coverage that goes beyond the factory warranty of your vehicle. It shields you from the high costs of auto repairs. When you choose our warranty plan, you provide years of added protection to your prized possession. It also gives you the peace of mind and protects your wallet in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

We are the direct obligator and administrator of our warranty plans and therefore, you don’t have to worry about the involvement of a middleman.

Key Benefits of Choosing our Warranty for Land Rover Plan
Comprehensive coverage for your Land Rover
Industry-leading customer service
24/7 roadside assistance, including mechanical breakdown assistance and towing recovery
Easy procedure
Repairs done at authorized repair facility
Don’t Just Own a Land Rover, Enjoy It

At Edel Assurance, we understand that every vehicle and owner has different protection needs. If you wish to investigate your options before choosing our Land Rover extended warranty plan, give us a call today. Our experts will be happy to assist you in every step of the way, helping you make a choice as per your vehicle needs. You can rely on our best-in-the-industry customer service. We will ensure that you are protected not just against vehicle breakdowns but also from the cost and stress that comes with it.